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Welcome to Garsų menė!

We are a professional recording studio equipped with state-of-the-art analog and digital technologies to bring out the full potential in your music!

We offer highly advanced skills, tools, and techniques encompassing and driving the whole process of music production, from composition, instrumentation, and performance to recording, mixing, and mastering.

Our expertise

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to make an excellent music record in all its stages and aspects: conception, preparation, execution, and quality check.


A recording captures the sound of a musical performance on a medium (a magnetic tape or a digital memory drive) for post-production. A recording engineer relies on extensive knowledge of acoustics, microphone placement, signal pre-amplification, and more.

At Garsų menė, we offer both in-house and location recording, including multi-track recording of large ensembles.


A mix elevates a multi-track recording to an aesthetic form of its own by artistically controlling the dynamic, panoramic, spectral, effective, and many other properties of each track to create a sense of cohesion. Mixing is the most demanding stage of post-production.

At Garsų menė, we have mixed hundreds of multi-track projects that stand out both stylistically and technologically.


During mastering, the engineer inspects the quality of a mix to determine whether it is ready for public release, applies final editing and processing if needed, and packages it in audio formats for delivery to the artist, publisher, distributor, or pressing plant.

At Garsų menė, we have mastered hundreds of albums and thousands of tracks for competitive public playback.

Our team

We are many teams, formed in response to the needs of each musical project, from a single composer to a group of artists, engineers, directors, and supervisors.

Aivaras, music artist

Aivaras Stepukonis

A composer, performer, and engineer himself, Aivaras communicates with our clients to define project goals and terms, as well as to form implementation teams.

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Composing staff

Project-specific team members may be invited from our network of professional composers to implement the compositional stage in the production chain.

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Performing staff

Project-specific team members may join from our network of professional vocalists and instrumentalists to implement the performing stage in the production chain.

Our studio

We strive to deliver the sound you expect, perhaps surpassing your expectations! Making an outstanding record is both a great challenge and a major achievement. We are here to assist and guide you in this lofty undertaking.

We work in an acoustically treated studio with a wideband monitoring system installed, using the finest analog and digital audio processing tools available to advance the art of recorded music. Thank you for taking an interest in our services!

Aivaras Stepukonis

Founder & CEO

Garsų menė

Our articles

A brief compilation of articles to explain our services in finer detail and to share technical resources with audio engineers.

Get in touch with us

Tell us about the sounds you would like to turn into a music record. Let’s work together to fulfill your vision with confidence and artistry.