We offer highly advanced skills, tools, and techniques encompassing and driving the whole process of music production, from composition, instrumentation, and performance to recording, mixing, and mastering.

Recorded music is our passion and profession. It is the art and science of communicating human feelings through sound captured on a medium—an LP record, magnetic tape, compact cassette, CD, or a digital file.

At Garsų menė, we create and produce music records as a service to solo artists, bands, and companies, whether it is a song, an album, or a large-scale catalog.

Our clients include musicians, multimedia creators, art directors, and content managers, each with specific vision and needs, which we explore with great interest to find the most appropriate and satisfactory solution.

Tell us about your ideas and intentions. We are all ears, hearts, and brains to turn them into music records, artistically expressed and professionally engineered!

The big picture

Producing a music record is a creative process that consists of six consecutive tasks: composition, instrumentation, performance, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Let’s keep this big and exciting picture in mind when discussing your new project.

Our expertise

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to make an excellent music record in all its stages and aspects: conception, preparation, execution, and quality check.


A composition is the blueprint of a musical piece in notation for eventual performance. It is a fully developed conception of a musical form (say, a song, a prelude, or a cinematic cue) in its core aspects: melody, harmony, tempo, rhythm, expression, and structure.

At Garsų menė, we compose in a variety of genres, writing scores in MIDI notation for the ensuing stage of instrumentation.


An instrumentation maps a composition to the instruments of an ensemble (say, a jazz trio, a pop-rock band, or a symphonic orchestra), taking artistic advantage of each instrument’s range, timbre, dynamics, and expression to enrich and diversify the composition.

At Garsų menė, we instrument both small- and large-scale MIDI scores to accommodate a wide variety of genres.


A performance is playing the parts of an instrumented composition on musical instruments or singing them with the human voice. A performer comprehends and interprets the score through a vocal or instrumental technique, a skill that requires many years of arduous practice.

At Garsų menė, we draw on a wide network of professional performers to meet the needs of every composition.


A recording captures the sound of a musical performance on a medium (a magnetic tape or a digital memory drive) for post-production. A recording engineer relies on extensive knowledge of acoustics, microphone placement, signal pre-amplification, and more.

At Garsų menė, we offer both in-house and location recording, including multi-track recording of large ensembles.


A mix elevates a multi-track recording to an aesthetic form of its own by artistically controlling the dynamic, panoramic, spectral, effective, and many other properties of each track to create a sense of cohesion. Mixing is the most demanding stage of post-production.

At Garsų menė, we have mixed hundreds of multi-track projects that stand out both stylistically and technologically.


During mastering, the engineer inspects the quality of a mix to determine whether it is ready for public release, applies final editing and processing if needed, and packages it in audio formats for delivery to the artist, publisher, distributor, or pressing plant.

At Garsų menė, we have mastered hundreds of albums and thousands of tracks for competitive public playback.

Our team

We are many teams, formed in response to the needs of each musical project, from a single composer to a group of artists, engineers, directors, and supervisors.

Aivaras, music artist

Aivaras Stepukonis

A composer, performer, and engineer himself, Aivaras communicates with our clients to define project goals and terms, as well as to form implementation teams.

Icon for a team

Composing staff

Project-specific team members may be invited from our network of professional composers to implement the compositional stage in the production chain.

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Performing staff

Project-specific team members may join from our network of professional vocalists and instrumentalists to implement the performing stage in the production chain.

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Directing staff

Project-specific team members may be invited from our network of music and program directors to manage and facilitate the progress of the production.

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Mixing staff

Project-specific team members may join from our network of professional audio engineers to implement the recording and mixing stages in the production chain.

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Mastering staff

Project-specific team members may be invited from our network of professional audio engineers to implement the mastering stage in the production chain.

How we work

We define and accomplish the goals of the project on time while keeping the client informed of the progress.



About the music: genre, mood, application, some examples? About the services: compose, instrument, perform, record, mix, master? About the project: resources, terms, availability, schedule, risks, mitigation?



We implement the project in accordance with the goals and terms discussed, keeping the client constantly informed of the progress. Diligent work and clear communication ensure a productive environment.



Nearing the completion of the project, we ask the client to evaluate the work and provide feedback, which we integrate to accommodate the client’s preferences and needs within the terms still available.



After finalizing the process of production, we package the outputs of the project in formats for delivery, taking all the necessary steps for secure data transmission to the client via our digital infrastructure.


Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art audio technologies, digital as well as analog, to unleash the full creative potential in the artist and the engineer.

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The prices below are for general reference only. The actual cost is calculated after assessing the project.



/ per hour


  • Choice of location
  • Professional microphones
  • Professional preamplifiers
  • Artistic guidance
Book service


/ per track


  • All musical genres
  • 96 kHz, 64 FP resolution
  • Unlimited track count
  • Hybrid processing
Book service


/ per minute


  • Singles, albums, catalogs
  • 96 kHz, 64 FP resolution
  • Hybrid processing
  • All major delivery formats
Book service