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Icon for musical composition


A composition is the blueprint of a musical piece in notation for eventual performance. It is a fully developed conception of a musical form (say, a song, a prelude, or […]

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Icon for musical instrumentation


An instrumentation maps a composition to the instruments of an ensemble (say, a jazz trio, a pop-rock band, or a symphonic orchestra), taking artistic advantage of each instrument’s range, timbre, […]

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Icon for musical performance


A performance is playing the parts of an instrumented composition on musical instruments or singing them with the human voice. A performer comprehends and interprets the score through a vocal […]

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Icon for recording audio


A recording captures the sound of a musical performance on a medium (a magnetic tape or a digital memory drive) for post-production. A recording engineer relies on extensive knowledge of […]

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Icon for audio mixing


A mix elevates a multi-track recording to an aesthetic form of its own by artistically controlling the dynamic, panoramic, spectral, effective, and many other properties of each track to create […]

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Icon for audio mastering


During mastering, the engineer inspects the quality of a mix to determine whether it is ready for public release, applies final editing and processing if needed, and packages it in […]

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